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The Psychological Vector System is a modern psychological method, which gives you information about person and significant and important parts of his life based on external and internal manifistation and behaviour. The method helps to find individual approach to everyone in personal and business relationships for getting what you need.

Here you can read about the founders of the Vector System.

Inside the Vector System Theory

1. Take the vector test (made by Tolkachev and Borodiansky). You will get the result which will show your genetic potential. And you will know how much productive you use your potential nowadays.


2. Read the chapters of book "Psychology and Your Orifices" written by Michael Borodiansky:

The red vector (freedom, power, championship, sex, speed, future, risk);

The brown vector (honesty, order, past, cleanness, loyalty);

The violet vector (intuition, cunning, depth, manipulation, revengefulness);

The orange vector (duty, money, rule, discipline, endurance);

The yellow vector (food, communication, creativity, pleasure);

The green vector (beauty, kindness, erudition, creation, openness);

The blue vector (intellect, depth, wisdom, insularity, music, space);

The black vector (force, endurance, simplicity, collectivism, loyalty).


3. Go to Vector gallery. You will find some photos, quotations, vidoes and movies lists for every vector.


4. Download an abridged version for free or buy full version "Psychology and Your Orifices".


Why there are vectors but not types?

There are a lot of different theories which distinguish only two types of people and after this step they give you some means and psychological tools to get on with people of any type. But there is no types in real life. Nowadays we cannot even divide people into the gender and for sure we are not able to do it into characters. 

Our system has 'vector' instead of 'type'. But why? Type is something invariable and constant. We consider that defenition of person's behavior are wider and bigger than just a "type", because it has a lot of manifistations which depend on varied states, conditions and so on. It is quite difficult to give an explanation of the different ways of one person's behavior according to the concept of type. But when we assume that person has a vector, we mean that he may has a lot of variants of behavior, styles of decision making, motives of acts and so on. Also all his manifestations are harmoniuos and consistent, because concept of vectors means it. Today may prevail one vector, tomorrow - another, it's up to a lot of factors. Man is not final point (as type is) because he manifests differently according to the current situation but not to the type. That is why our system has vectors.


Matching vectors and orifices:

The red/urethral vector - urethra

The brown/anal vector - anus

The violet/olfactory vector - nose

The orange/skin vector - skin

The yellow/oral vector - mouth

The green/visual vector - eye

The blue/aural vector - ears

The black/muscle vector - navel