System of psychological vectors

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Михаил Бородянский

Michael Borodiansky
psychotherapist, business coach, systems consultant


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You can get an online consultation or a face-to-face consultation in the cities where I conduct trainings.


When it seems to a person that everything is going wrong, something wonderful tries to enter his life.
Dalai Lama
I will help you open this “door” - that’s my job.
Michael Borodiansky



  • when you are “stuck” (in any area of life) and don’t know where to move next
  • when you don’t have the strength to change anything, but it’s no longer possible to live as before
  • when all the old methods don’t work, and you can’t come up with new ones
  • when it seems that there are many more problems than available resources
  • when you urgently need to move from a “dead point”


Topics you can seek advice on:

  • System of psychological vectors (test results, contradictions between your vectors, harmonious implementation of vectors).
  • Personal effectiveness: breaking a dead end or taking new heights in career, personal relationships, self-realization, finances; using tools after the “Event Management and Creating the Future” training.
  • Family relationships, contradictions and conflicts between family members.
  • Effective business solutions based on Systemic psychology: personnel management, sales management, creative advertising.


About me:

  • Psychotherapist, graduate of St. Petersburg Medical University.
  • International business trainer: since 1994 I have been conducting training programs in Russia, Europe, Asia, the USA and Israel.
  • Expert at Raadio-4 (Estonia), Radio Ostrov (Israel), Channel 5 TV (St. Petersburg) and the popular science magazine Alpeon (USA), author of numerous publications on the art of management and business communication in Russian and foreign publications.
  • Author of the best-selling book “8 Psychotypes of Color”: nine of its editions have been published in different countries in 6 languages with a total circulation of more than 100,000 copies; author of the book “26 Tools for Creating the Future.”
  • Author of three methods used by psychologists, HR specialists and company executives in 25 countries.
  • Publisher and editor-in-chief of the psychological magazine "System Arrangements", founder of the Internet portal "Arrangement".
  • Conducted 750 live trainings in 10 countries on 3 continents, which trained more than 24,000 people, as well as more than 500 online trainings. Many of my graduates run well-known companies whose products and services you use every day.
  • I'm married and have four children.



    • The cost of consultation is 400 USD/hour.
    • The cost of an urgent consultation is 600 USD/hour.