System of psychological vectors
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What is “vector neurosis”?

Neurosis refers to critically low acceptance of a vector and its qualities, leading to unrealized potential and sometimes even psychosomatic diseases.

What is an “orifice”?

Orifices (sensitive orifices) are places on the body where the skin covering is interrupted…

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What is “vector potential”?

Vector potential is the inherent, genetically determined degree to which that vector can be realized, something that is directly related to the sensitivity of the corresponding bodily orifice.

Could a person’s eight vectors all enjoy 100% potential?

Yes, that does happen, if rarely. Leonardo da Vinci is an excellent example.

So I have all eight vectors?

Of course! You (as well as me and all your friends) have all eight of them. After all, I’m sure you have all eight orifices!

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How does your test determine vector potential?

The sensitivity of our bodily orifices is determined genetically, and the same genes are responsible for which organs are more sensitive than others and the body’s unique biochemistry…

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Why “vectors” instead of “types”?

Psychology certainly does not want for theories dividing people into types and recommending how those different types should interact. However, real life shows that…

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What is a “vector”?

Vectors entail all the psychological and physiological qualities (character, habits, health, and more) that are linked to one or another of a person’s bodily orifices…

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What is “vector acceptance”?

Acceptance means relating to how your or someone else’s vector displays itself with no evaluation whatsoever (not judging good from bad or needed from unneeded)…

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