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Michael Borodiansky, MD

How does your test determine vector potential?
The sensitivity of our bodily orifices is determined genetically, and the same genes are responsible for which organs are more sensitive than others and the body’s unique biochemistry… more »
What is “vector potential”?
Vector potential is the inherent, genetically determined degree to which that vector can be realized, something that is directly related to the sensitivity of the corresponding bodily orifice.

About the Psychological Vector System

At the beginning of the last century Sigmund Freud posited that a person’s character is somehow related to the sensitive orifices (mouth, nose, ears, eyes, anus, urethra, skin, navel) on their body.

Back then he did not yet know or was not ready to openly declare that the sensitivity of our orifices governs every area of our lives: from our health to our sexual preferences to the profession we choose to how we conduct business.

This website will teach you about how the kind of person you are depends on your primary sensitive area, as well as how that information can help you throughout your life.

The author leans on gripping and often entertaining stories to discuss psychological tools you can apply to build strong relationships with your children, parents, close friends, and even strangers in business and your personal life.

Michael Borodiansky is a psychotherapist, a business trainer, the coauthor of the psychological vector system, the author of many publications on the art of management and communication, and the father of three children.
Since 1994 he has held 580 training seminars in and outside of Russia for more than 8,000 people.