System of psychological vectors
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Private testing service


If you would like to test your employees (friends, relatives, etc.), this service is for you!

It’s simple to use the private testing system:

  1. You send a unique link that includes an access code to the people you would like to test (they are called users in the system). That link is always available in your profile under “Private testing” tab. It takes users to, where they can take the test(s) without learning their results or reading about the methods we use.
  2. Your users will register on after they click on the link, at which point they will be able to take the test(s).
  3. As soon as they finish the test, their results are available in your “Private testing portfolio.” A notification is also emailed to you.
  4. You can then log into your portfolio to see the results as a colored diagram.

Note that the portfolio owner (you) and your users work on completely different sites! That is how we achieve the privacy you need.
The service is free for up to five users.
You can pay to expand your portfolio.
We are always happy to answer your questions and help you use the system.