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Reviews of the book Psychology and Your Orifices

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It’s great! I read the abridged version and immediately saw my yellow-vectored mom as well as my orange-vectored friend and grandmother! I even laughed out loud as I was reading it… more »
This is probably the only scientific book I’ve enjoyed more than fiction.
Dear Michael, I would like to thank you for a fantastic book. It’s the best one I’ve yet read on understanding one’s self, and I found it highly understandable, accessible, and entertaining. Thank you!
The concept of vector acceptance was what stood out to me in the book, as it is a tool anyone without a deep understanding of psychology can use… more »
I’ll be honest with you: human psychology has always been fairly difficult for me to study and understand, which is why I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to grasp the material in your book… more »
I don’t think I’ve ever come across anything in the psychology world written with a sense of humor like yours!.. more »