System of psychological vectors

The Leader #1


     The Leader №1 is a person with a predominantly red vector in the test. They generally prefer bright flaming red color in clothes, in make-up and in things around.
     Red people are looking with confidence to tomorrow – they are ready to fit into new and dangerous projects as fast as they could. Sometimes they hate history and any references to his past experience. They can't stand the word “it’s recommended”, they do not want to spend time learning the old instructions – they dream to get their own experience. For such people, the unknown future is much brighter than the past.
     You’ve probably already guessed that exactly a red man in a born leader. These people from an early age show their leadership qualities: at first, they unite all child in a group in the kindergarden, then they unite the most “famous” hooligans at school, and when they’re 18-20 years old – they are Heads of successful business companies with rapid growth. Power and Freedom are the two guiding stars of red people. They are ready to step through many obstacles, including surrounding people which will stand in the way to multiply the power and freedom.

     And the first people who don’t wish to take into account a contrariness of a Red child are his parents. They try very hard to make their Red child similar to everyone, but they don’t get any results. Such children even with the early age are ready to answer “No” to any parent’s proposals or opinions, showing the world who is boss here and who will make a decisions. Many parents know owing to the personal experience that if you ask a Red child to do something, he won’t, but if you ask not to do something, he will do it to loss of strength. It’s called “parenting through the NO” in teaching, and “management through negation” in management. There are forbidden words when you speak to a Red man, such as “You have to” or “You must”. 

     The Red man tends to end up the dialogue at the slightest pressure, But often it’s especially pity to lose such client (partner). I guess you’ve already see the picture in a supermarket: a meticulous seller “serves” a Red customer, obsessively offering his products or services. It probably works with a Brown man, but a Red one immediately wants protesting. The same is with the suggestion of new ideas by a Red colleague, partner or manager. It is always necessary to do it so gently, giving to the Red the initiative and the right to choose.

     Red people are impatient to all “advisers”. Deep in the heart, a Red man believes that only he is the smarter than others – he tries to find his own way to success, because he gets real pleasure, when he is in a new and risky situation, where he can fully show his business and organizational skills. Red people become experimenters and pioneers both in business and in personal life.
     The Red is energetic man, he understands things is so fast! That’s why he makes a decisions quickly. Speed is generally truly “red” symbol. You can notice “the symbol” in work, at home, in communication, in driving style and even in favorite activity (racing, mountain and water skiing, etc.).
     Nature has adapted a Red man to the simultaneous management of many different things with maximum success. Whether it will be a conversation with two (or three) persons at once or simultaneous management of different projects on different continents.

     In dealing with workers a Red leader feels like a Head of a large family – he has to take care of all of them. But he’s sure that the care should be extremely global – then it will get the meaning and pleasure. It is necessary to stick to the Red boss with some “little” problems: even if you will be patiently listened (it is good), he still won’t waste his precious time on the little things. He’ll rather send you to someone else. But It is quite another thing, when you come to the boss with a great idea, and besides, you are sure, that the idea totally belongs to the boss – you came up to it thanks to your boss. Dale Carnegie wrote about similar means to communicate with people. By the way, it works quite good with Red people, but not with other vectors. 

     If you are woman, do not expect compliments to your look from your boss – anyway, he simply doesn’t notice. Also, regardless of sex, do not count on too sincere praise your talents and achievements at work. Frankly, nature simply didn’t endow Red people the ability to sincerely admire other people's virtues, because they consider themselves to be the most gifted, talented, best, etc. But, in fairness, it should be noted that the high-class Heads (workers do love their) still learn to step over their own ambitions, and use praise to stimulate subordinates. But you never know how much he paid to say good word in your favor.
     It seems sometimes that the Red people have a great erudition, but most particularly it's not true. It happens because of “red” talent to speak about so many different things – his interlocutor assumes that he have extensive knowledge in many areas.

     Another important feature of the Red leader is love of risk. He gets great pleasure from the game of adrenaline in the body, but usually we can not say the same about other people. It’s kind of fighting to death. As a result, the winner takes all and the loser loses latest. Therefore, the subordinates of the Red Head sometimes have to make a painful decision whether to participate in this “extreme sports” along with his boss or stay away.

     The same thing happens in a critical situation. If you have a Red boss, you can stay sure that your company will survive in any crisis, but the price will be - it's the workplace for some employees. And I can say the same about life, the Red is altruist in a big deal, but he is very selfish in the little things. But here is a good news – it’s very interesting to work with the Red boss, of course, if you keep up with his pace and ready to tolerate some of his weaknesses.

     Probably, one of the main qualities that a successful leader should have is the creating of new ideas. The Red is able in a short time to come up with as much as it is difficult to make even in a few years. Moreover, in contrast to the Yellow, who is also characteristic of a vigorous birth of ideas, Red ready to take on the implementation of the idea immediately. And the next day new idea is appeared that looks even better than yesterday’s, and Red is ready to reassess values right now. Well, it’s good if he works alone, but what if he have a whole work team? What if tens or hundreds of people, who yesterday plunged into a completely new project, got the news that old work project is no longer relevant, and they need to change direction immediately?

     And here the “red” problems start from... While you're on his side and ready to fit into the fast pace, he is standing by your side. But as soon as you do not like something, and you inadvertently try to say your “special” opinion, you’re done… Red Head will dismiss you without thinking. The fact is that these people do not have a deep psychological need to think about the little things. Their role in society is to move forward, they are willing to sacrifice a lot for a great purpose. He’ll do anything for the sake of his business. He is ready to take care of his employees (high salary, all kinds of promotions, favorable conditions of work), but he will not think separately about each and observe the interests of individuals (unless, of course, they are not the key figures in the organization).

     Summarizing, we can say that the Red vector is ideal at the start of any process, when it is necessary to come up with new idea and give impetus and energy to any business. But then…
Red vector can’t finish up a deal. This idea is reflected in management too. Red man eventually loses interest in his new project. The most fascinating for him is creating of new ideas and new business, then someone else will continue to do all routine work. Talented Red people know that they need to do only three steps for the success of any business: 1) create the idea, 2) form a team and promote the idea, 3) bring it to the end (of course, his team will do it, not he).

     Reading this article, you may think, a Red man is some nasty and unattractive guy. When we’re talking about any vector, we get a very one-sided picture of the man – all the features are exaggerated and unnatural. But in reality we have another picture: in real life, a person with only one “developed” vector can be found very rarely. Usually, there are several highly developed vectors in each of us.
     Therefore, a good leader should have the potential of other vectors too. Indeed, if he has ONLY one vector with high potential (red one), he will be totally as a Man described in the article, but he will hardly achieve a great success in business.



  • These people don’t have similar physique, but, perhaps, the most of them are thin. A Red man doesn’t attach much importance to his appearance: the personality is more important than how he looks. Intensity of this feature may varies from slight negligence of dress up to holes and stains on visible places. Remarking his unbuttoned pants, a Red man does not hesitate, he just quickly fixes the situation and will continue business conversation (Orange will be knocked off balance by this situation, which leads to serious stress a Brown man).
  • Red people have quite alive faces with gestures and expressions. They have some mess in hair. Actually, all spheres of “red” life is full of “some mess”.
  • They often roll up sleeves. (It is a sign of freedom). Also they like various gestures of power.
  • If the red vector is expressed strongly enough, people usually do not like to wear all of the items, which are closed in the ring: neckties, bracelets, watches, rings, etc. They also dislike to button up the top button of a shirt – it’s, really, a feature of the red vector in character.
  • If you notice a woman wearing heavy make-up (especially with a predominance of red color), you can be sure that she is red-vectored woman. The same applies to the long (or not so) nails, painted bright red nail polish.
  • “Red” speech is often fast: sometimes, when they’re hurrying up, they literally swallow the end of words. They have tend to exaggeration of everything they’re talking about. They often say something like: “I have been waiting for you three hours”, “This is a contract for a million dollars (or billion)”, “I’ve been doing this for thousands years”, etc.