System of psychological vectors
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Thank you for the book! It’s great! I read the abridged version and immediately saw my yellow-vectored mom as well as my orange-vectored friend and grandmother! I even laughed out loud as I was reading it. Now I know why I hate making my bed as well as why my mom cares so much about what we’re going to eat.

In the end I had to buy the full version! I started reading the chapters that weren’t in the abridged version and understood why I always fall in love with black-vectored guys! The black vector (with a little red vector for good measure) is definitely my type. I subconsciously evaluate guys by whether or not they have black-vector character traits! So cool!

I still haven’t finished the book, but I had to write a review! I’m heading off now to study the blue and violet vectors, but thanks again. I’ve read a lot, and this is good stuff!