System of psychological vectors

The compatibility of Red people

     As you’ve already known, the red one is the most expressive and bright of all the vectors. More to the point, it contribute any other vector or its combination – no matter what percent of defining you have, red vector make you outstanding and extraordinary, sometimes – genial (scientist, politician or criminal – it’s a little iffy). Of course, the red one will “works this way” if it’s harmonious and well-accepted.

     However, if the red one is the only one vector which comes out at full capacity, the situations is becoming not such nice. This man is being sexually effusive. He won’t recognize any rules. In brief, you will hardly enjoy his company. But, ironically, exactly a Red man can grasp the hearts of people, form a team with people and lead the team.


The compatibility of red vector with the brown vector is one of the successful combinations, of course, if you realize them at the same time.

     Yes, you can acting like brown-vectored person at home (i.e. slow and meticulous equipping a life, reading historical books), and like red-vectored person at work (i.e. quickly make extraordinary and innovative decisions, successfully manage people and do more than one thing at once). But it could be the other way around: you are calm and executive at your work, but outside your office, you are kind of warlord or hero-lover. Moreover, some red-brown-vectored people realize their red vector only through a hobby – climbing mountains or skydiving.

But, talking about harmonious expression of these vectors, it’s the most productive combination of all possible combinations. Have a look around:

  • A man attuned to fast and slow work at the same time;
  • A man who can start a business (come up with new ideas) and finish it;
  • A man capable to look at a situation generally and with attention to details;
  • A man of the past and a man of the future (it means he is a man of the Now!).

     Indeed, unique psychological traits could come from this union of opposites, which will contribute to make a broad range decisions for all spheres of life. Of course, you can realize these traits if you are aware and you accept your red and brown vectors.

     Unfortunately, only few people, who are gifted this combination, really realize all of their reach potential. They, who’ve never heard about vector theory, live kind of in two different dimensions. They constantly move from side to side. Accustomed to a fast pace in the “red” periods of his life, this man begins to really worry when he suddenly finds speed reduction of his thoughts and actions. He may not guess that now brown vector came instead of red one. Rather than take advantage of this period in his life, such as the set for a relaxing initiated cases completed, he takes to squeeze out of himself last strength, if only to stay at the peak of the "red" of productivity. This way leads to the most tragic final such as burnout at work, loss of interest to work and life, psychological and physical problems.

     Analyzing the compatibility of these vectors according to behavior of two persons, we will be faced with the same problems: Red and Brown are scarcely get on with each other. The Brown is indecisive “slowpoke”; he is very meticulous and excessively attentive to details. He will always irritate a Red one. Brown, in turn, can’ t tolerate sloppy people, which do just a bunch of things and don’t follow through.

     But if two of them understand each other’s features (e.g. read the book or took the training), their relationship becomes very harmonious, because they are like two hands – with very different functions, but perfectly complementary to the whole. 


The compatibility of red vector with the black is a great combination too. Metaphorically speaking, the Red is an energy – the Black is a strength.

     A life of Red man is a kind of roller coaster. He quickly turns on the heat and then just quickly cools – all his energy burns. The Red man immerses in the state of laziness. And if the black vector is added with his endurance and workability to the red one, it can totally change a person’s life. He becomes more stable, he can work for a long time without getting tired, he stops rushing from one idea to another, and at the rest, as they say – and he becomes “closer to the people”.

     In other situations, black vector helps red one too. When a red has a deal with difficulties that can’t be overcome immediately, he has a strong temptation to act on a “sour grapes”: the importance of the goal is dramatically reduces, and a lot of explanation arises in the mind, why it’s not worth to achieve it. The combination with the black vector makes the red one more stubborn and persistent in solving any problems, because the black vector has no equal in willpower.

     Speaking about sexual sphere (red vector has the most powerful sexual potential from the all vectors); red vector has a truly unique capability in this area in combination with black vector.

     Despite the good compatibility of these vectors in the same person, these two vectors struggle to find common ground in two people: they are too polar. Red, which is a quickly thinks and makes decisions are always annoyed by “black” reluctance of filling his head. The black one, in turn, can’t stand people hovering around. And all the more, it is simply unthinkable for black vector to change the activity several times a day. But, nevertheless, these two persons really need each other, because it is Black in the end is the executor of all “red” ideas, namely the Red is able to gather an effective team, which is so necessary for Black for a comfortable activity.


The compatibility of red vector with the orange

     I would like to start to describe this combination from the couple’s point of view:

“…the orange and the red vectors are at different poles of the axis “freedom” – “discipline”…”

     Indeed, the Red is freedom-loving and sexual forward, he does not recognize any rules and moral values – he will always be a kind of “red flag” for Orange one, whose moral and sense of duty are the most important values in the world.

     It is difficult to find the area in which these people have had similar opinions, starting from the purchase of goods and ending with the meaning of life.

     Of course, the greatest differences exist in sphere of finance and money. After all, orange man, regardless of the material well-being, used to count, as they say, every penny - he can’t even imagine how differently he can handle money. Red one, with his usual ease and the desire for freedom, simply can’t pay attention to such trifles. Furthermore, Red one loses his natural gift to raise money under any circumstances if he follows to the main “orange” rule – to economy all the money.

     But, when the Red says to the Orange something like “I don’t owe anything to anyone”, the second is shaking with indignation.

     If we talk about the compatibility of two of these vectors in one single man, there are the same problems time by time. Red vector are kind of upstart, saying: “Come on, we dare, let’s see what will happen!”. But the Orange vector is answering: “Hold on, we must first draw up a plan, think about it quietly…”. We do not know the outcome of this dialogue, but the final decision is up to degree of vectors acceptance.  But it’s worth to mention, orange vector greatly hampers and hinders the manifestation of red.

     It’s understandable that a harmonious combination of these vectors is a unique combination for any business: such person is equally good in earning and saving money, he can take a risk and save, he can spend and accumulate. The unity of the two "opposites" allows many people to achieve maximum success in the business.


The compatibility of red vector with the yellow vector is quite harmonious. They both look at the future, they both are energetic enough, they are not bogged down in the details, and, unlike all others, and they take pleasure in life to the maximum. For the heads of any business this combination is a mix of charisma and oratorical gift – it’s simply priceless. Not without reason, Fidel Castro managed to light the hearts of the Cubans for many years with his speeches.

     These vectors are also highly compatible in partner relationship: these people can easily find a common ground, especially since the two of them have a great sense of humor. Yellow man is a support number one for Red man, because he is the most understanding person, willing to share his ideas and beliefs. In addition, he is a herald of the red man’s ideas - thanks to yellow’s gift of eloquence, he quickly and efficiently distributes ideas among the masses.

     But it is necessary to bear in mind that the Yellow is a "man of the Word": often all his activism is limited by that World. This behavior can sometimes irritate the Red Head, because he, too, likes to give everyone a job and then sits back and enjoys the beautiful spectacle of working people.


The compatibility of red vector with the green vector in one single man is productive too. A Red leader sometimes ready to “step on people’s heads” to quickly reach the target. But Green, vice versa, is very delicate and careful. He’s trying not to offend anyone and to be good for all. The combination of these vectors makes a man great boss, whose business is growing rapidly and whose employees feel under the protection of a strong and good boss.

     In addition, the combination of these vectors produces startling intelligence. By itself, the green vector shows enviable erudition, imaginative thinking, but green-vectored people (without high defining of yellow vector) do not know how to apply all this skills in practice. They don’t have enough energy to improve with their knowledge. But Red, on the contrary, doesn’t have extensive knowledge, but manages to grab a star from the sky and make great discoveries. If these abilities will be mixed in a one person, we get a genius with a unique super intelligence who can see the world from different sides.

     However, for two people it is much more difficult to find an agreement. “Green” impracticality and resentment make the Red one crazy. The Green always finds a reason to offend while communicating with selfish Red. All the more, they are way off route in love and sex – they are too varied in their characters.


The combination of red vector with violet vector allows to control the people, using both explicit and hidden levers. This person doesn’t need a “shadow counsellor”, because he already has “red” will to power and intelligence. In addition, he has “violet” intuitive, intuition, foresight – whatever you want to call it. But there is one drawback: too cautious violet vector just will hardly allow to red acting as he wants, because the violet one is the largest reinsurers in the world.

     In general, this combination in one single person is quite harmonious, but I can’t say the same about the interaction of these vectors in two different people. Frankly, it is difficult to imagine the other two people who have been so needed each other and treat each other with such hostility at the same time.

     Despite all their leadership skills, Red people don’t have a very important quality for leader – it’s intuition. Therefore, Violet people, who able to anticipate events, often make them envy - (consciously or unconsciously). Moreover, the Red leader needs Violet advisor next to him, otherwise he will get into trouble at its maximum speed very quickly. Violet people, in turn, have all the advantages of a hidden leader, but they need explicit leader to realize their intentions. They have a special attitude to people in general, and only Red with such trait as boasting can engender certain feelings in Violet.


The combination of red vector with blue vector in one single person is the most troubled combinations.

     Try to imagine this couple of people: red one – he is fast, expressive, enterprising, practical, down to earth, and blue one – he is slow, self-absorbed, impractical, sublime… These qualities are so opposite that you hardly can reconcile them in one person. That is how red-blue-vectored people live: in one phase or in other one, experiencing the strongest emotional overload when switching between two states. Some of them still manage to deeply understand the essence of two “parts” and achieve harmony in the mind paying attention to each other.

     The point is that these two vectors are opposite even at biochemical level (!), that’s why internal conflict between them in one single person is much deeper than it seems.

     There is no such deep conflict in two different people, but it’s still difficult to find common ground.   Blue people, in general, is far from mundane "red" values: being very wise and exalted by nature, they look with leniency on the swarming people – they do not understand how money and power can make someone happy.

     Time by time there is the feeling that the Red man with difficulty gets along with any other vector. This is partly true: an outstanding people are more likely have difficulties in everyday communication. If red man doesn’t become the leader of a team of people who ready to obey, he turns into lone wolf.